Plain Song - The Red Field
2014, JS Parker
20:20 – Twenty Years at The Diversion
JS Parker, Nigel Brown, Roy Good, Christine Gregory, Mary McFarlane, Wayne Seyb, Graham Bennett, Llew Summers
May 23rd 2020 - June 21st. Open Queen's Birthday.

The first exhibition at The Diversion was in December 1999, when the gallery was located at Grove Mill Winery in Marlborough. Nine years ago we relocated to the Picton waterfront. The 20:20 exhibition was to have started early in 2020, but due to the pandemic was deferred until May.

Dusky Morning - Broughton Arm (Gerda Leenards)
20 Years in 2020 – Part Two
Gerda Leenards
Mary McFarlane
Nigel Brown
Robyn Webster
Kathryn Madill
Graham Bennett
Don Binney
Roy Good
Bridget Bidwill

July-August 2020

Continuing our exhibition of artists we have journeyed with for 20 Years at The Diversion.

A Love for Nature
Showcase – Artwork of the week
This week: A Love for Nature by Nigel Brown Nigel Brown
July 2020

This week's showcase: an insight into Nigel Brown's A Love for Nature

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